Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's ON Like Donkey Kong



Yes, we have a fully functional Donkey Kong/Centipede arcade game in our home stay. The best part? WE DON'T EVEN HAVE TO PUT IN QUARTERS! Personally, I love video documentaries about strange groups of highly nerdy, and highly obsessed people (remember my tribute to AFOL last year?), and classic arcade game enthusiasts are no exception. For those of you who haven't seen King of Kong, it's high time you got yourself to your local streaming Netflix contraption. Here's a sample:

With a cast of characters so nerdy, and so obsessed they have to be seen to believed, King of Kong is both really interesting, and really sad. Interesting because you never knew people like that actually existed, and sad because, well, people like that actually exist! Take Billy Mitchell -- gaming legend, salsa legend (the sauce, not the dance), and as big a megalomaniac as ever existed in any sport/game/nerdy obsession.
Or Steve Wiebe --  unemployed teacher, negligent father, and totally distracted husband, all because he happens to be a friggin' genius at Donkey Kong.

I'd highly recommend watching King of Kong, but as engrossing as that movie is, and as talented as its players are, they're nothing for what's about to hit the classic arcade world. Watch out Billy and Steve -- your high-scores are soon to move down a few notches. Why? Because Team Exergy has joined the fray! Behold, Donkey Kong virtuoso Quinn "QURUSHER" Keogh:
Quinn spent roughly four minutes playing Donkey Kong. He failed to get to the second level. He got bored and pulled the plug before giving it a second try -- but that's the point -- QUINN MASTERED THE GAME IN FOUR MINUTES!!! He saw through the complexity of the game like a cat sees through the night.

Or elegant master of Centipede, Kai "Killer Whale" Applequist:
Kai actually played for close to twenty minutes, and set several of the high scores on this particular Centipede unit. Likewise, Kai needed but a brief introduction to the game to achieve total and complete mastery. This isn't to scoff at the past legends of this hallowed sport/game/nerdy obsession, but rather to point out how stupendously talented these two players are. Both Quinn and Kai are the once-in-a-generation kind of genius -- which means there's a generation out there that's missing its genius. Huzzuh Quinn and Kai -- I eagerly look forward to seeing your name in the record books!

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Eli said...

I watched "King of Kong" last week. Holy shit, it was awesome. "Umm, there's gonna be a Donkey Kong kill screen in like five minutes . . . if you're interested."