Sunday, May 29, 2011

Management Might Have to Step In Here...

So yesterday I revealed the awesome Donkey Kong talent possessed by my teammates Kai and Quinn. Well the management caught wind of their exploits, and decided to lay down the law. Enter Remi and Tad. These guys are established, world-renowned grandmasters of Donkey Kong, the true Old Guard of the game. Watch and learn, young Jedi. First off, Remi demonstrates proper technique. Standing is for suckers:

Clearly sitting on the back of a chair provides the best elbow-to-knee contact. This position can be enhanced even more with the presence of a cushion:

Remi clobbered several of Kai's high scores into oblivion (read: out of the top five). With every slain Mario, Remi demonstrated how serious of a competitor he is. He howled in displeasure -- cursing the wretched Kong and his dastardly barrels, and threatening to punch the glass screen straight through, bare-handed! Only once Remi's scores had coated the leaderboard did Tad sit down to the controls. The duel was every bit as intense as those epic matches at Funland in the Kong of Kong documentary. See Tad, the grand old general himself, at work:
Remi watches in disgust as Tad racks up points. 
The ultimate champion of Donkey Kong has yet to be crowned, but just know that the competition is hotting up out here at Team Exergy's US Pro headquarters.

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