Monday, May 2, 2011


Krogg have story to tell. One day, one month ago, Krogg and Josh head over to giant giant mountain and Krogg SMASH climb for Williams Wheels. Now, just in time for Tour of California, Krogg video finish for world to see. Ever wonder how much POWER Krogg make when Krogg smash climb? NOW YOU SEE! Ever wonder how how FRIGGIN' HARD this year Tour of California going to be? NOW YOU SEE! Krogg advise you to hurry hurry over to and check out full profiles of two big ToC climbs, one by Max Jenkins and one by KROGG! Ever wonder how much FASTER tiny pipsqueek Max Jenkins go uphill than heavy caveman? NOW YOU SEE!!!!

TOC Stage 7 Mt. Baldy Short Edit from Williams Cycling on Vimeo.


Martin Criminale said...

You had me all motivated to ride uphill hard until I tried to stand and realized my legs were broken from watching that video.

Bob Cesca said...


Tony V said...

Krogg big rider for pro rider, little guy compared to normal 6' 5" type guys. Skinny Krogg better climber than muscle Krogg of last year! The pro riding is showing in how lean you are getting. Krogg may need to get a lighter club and axe to pound with soon!