Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cherry Blossom Stages 2 & 3

Well things are still going pretty well for me down here in Oregon. Stage 2 was indeed a slobberknocker, but I happen to enjoy myself a good slobberknocker from time to time, so this was the result:

I wasn't able to take the overall (not by a long shot), but taking the top step of the podium certainly doesn't hurt. I want to extend a huge thank you to Chad Sperry, the promoter of the Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic for including that spectacular course in this year's race. It was like a playground for bikes: hard climbs, stunning scenery, curvy, fast descents, and a gravel stretch that was right up my alley. As usual, Oregon Cycling Action covered the race beautifully. I especially like the title of the article: 

Orchard course blows apart men’s field, Johnson gets win

Booyeah! I also have to hand it to my teammates, who totally stacked the top ten. Here's another HB exclusive interview video.

Today we've got a double stage; we just finished a 10 mile TT (another podium spot for me!). McKissick totally rocked it. He won the sucker by a lot, 35 seconds on me, a minute on the Jamie Stangeland (nice ride Jamie!). 

This afternoon we race a short (50 minute) criterium in downtown The Dalles. There are huge splits in the GC at this point, but it's bike racing and anything can happen, right? Krogg still has some axe left to swing, right Krogg? 



Bob Cesca said...

Congratulations again! And to think a couple years ago you were boiling lonely raviolis in a hotel coffee pot.

Richard McClung said...

Nice going Sam!


Perhaps a Parrot said...

Holy-moly-me-oh-my! Bob Cesca reads my blog?! What flattery! Good race, huh?

Tad said...

Sam Johnson, you old so and so, that is some fine bicycle riding!!!

Bob Cesca said...

Are you kidding? I live vicariously through your cycling career! Except for the, you know, ravioli.