Saturday, April 17, 2010

Krogg Not Exactly Crushing It.

Krogg seem to have some difficulties at time trial today. Krogg start morning very motivated caveman, and Krogg think he make good effort today, but clearly not. Krogg place 17th overall, roughly twenty seconds slower than last year, and over a minute-twenty down on Ian McKissick. Holy Saber-Toothed-Tiger Ian!

Krogg compose poem of sadness:

Caveman Caveman Caveman,
Why your wheels no spin faster? 
Why you don't push harder on those pedals? 
Why your bike not cross finish-line sooner?

Caveman Caveman Caveman, 
You eat good breakfast, no?
You have good warmup, yes?
You make good wattage, right?

Caveman Caveman Caveman, 
Perhaps you not so strong after all, 
Perhaps 17th actually pretty good ride for you, 
Perhaps, if you want to win, you should return to your roots:

Competitive guinea pig breeding.

Krogg no longer here to win Tour of Walla Walla.

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