Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reprograming Muscle Memory Update!

As you may recall, I recently stumbled upon the fact that I have been tying my shoes incorrectly my entire life. This discovery came as quite a shock; I ended up suffering a minor nervous breakdown, calling into question everything I know (or think I know). Well after over two months of trying to re-teach my fingers how to tie a damn bow-tie the right way, I'm proud to announce that just yesterday, I tied my shoes correctly, completely automatically. It only took my fingers a week or two before they could dexterously tie a proper reef-knot; however, any time I'd tie my shoes without consciously remembering to correct my error, I'd find a nice fat granny-knot staring back at me.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I tied my shoes without thinking about it, and lo-- there she was, a perfect reef. I've reprogramed myself. I'm a better person. Glory be praised, all is right again with the universe -- up is up, down is down, and I know pretty much everything there is to know about anything worth knowing.

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