Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holy Moly Walla Walla

First off, we're here in Walla Walla, ready for the biggest rumble this side of the Oregon border (and the Canadian border). The start list is awesome: just about every Northwest-based team bringing it's best guys, but no pro teams to skew the dynamic. I find that when a pro team is present, all the local guys sit back and look to the guys with contracts to make (or break) the race. Walla Walla is great because there are so many teams here that can vie for the win -- lots of guys are here to do some damage, not just sit in and wait to get their tickets punched.

We are staying in an absolute hoot of an old farmhouse. This place is over 100 years old, but it clearly got a big makeover in (I think) the 50's. Take a look:

I'm not sure when flocked wallpaper went out of style, but they obviously never got the memo here.
This freezer is larger than the Hagens Berman team van. 

Next up, here are some life lessons from my teammate Lang, printed without his knowledge or approval:

1: Organize your friggin' race bag. 
By separating his clothing into categories, and using gallon ziplocks to keep everything compact, Lang has the best organized duffle bag on the team. 

When it's time to put on his bibs, there's no time lost searching, elbow-deep in his duffle bag, through an unsorted matrix of blue white and black spandex; he just reaches for his ziplock labeled "bibs," and poof, he's ready. 

2: Wear shoe covers that "pop." 
Shoe covers look very pro, especially ones that pop. Especially yellow and red ones that pop so loud they actually sting your eyes to look at them. Lang bravely tested out some of the shoe covers our kind shoe sponsors Northwave sent to us. It turns out that these shoe covers don't blend particularly well with the HB kit, but when it comes to shoe covers, it's no the colors that matter, it's how you wear them. Lang wears them very, very well.

3: Tan your friggin' shoulders. 
'nuf said.

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Martin Criminale said...

Colonel Krogg in the library with the candle stick... Wow, what a farm/house.