Saturday, April 24, 2010

Parrrrrrty? Paaaaaaaarty? Party party?

So. Now we're in the Dalles, Oregon, home of the Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic. Yesterday's stage was an odd duck; it was tough to predict, tough to control, and even tougher to win. To help you understand what I mean, I've found a picture of an odd duck for you:

See? What an odd duck!

Anyway, a guy got up the road and won by two minutes! Ouch! Then I somehow won the field sprint for second? How in tarnation did that happen? I guess we'll just have to ask someone who was there:

Please note, I said Jason Bevin, but I meant Patty Bevin. Myself and Lang will have to try again tomorrow I guess. (Also, to whoever taught me to speak the english language, I'm sorry for betraying your failure to the broader public.)
For details, you can read a report on Oregon Cycling Action. 

Today we've got a REAL slobberknocker. Not like those other slobberknockers we've raced in the past -- this one might reset the standard for all sloberknockers to come.

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