Friday, August 12, 2011

Colorado Comes Near

The biggest race of the season is a mere ten days away, and we're generating more buzz than a hive of bees. Check it out: 

First up, we've announced our roster, and added a new rider to the squad. Enter climbing sensation Sebastian Salas. Sebastian is hot as a pistol this season, with great rides at Mt. Hood, Tour de Beauce, and the Cascade Classic, and he'll be joining us at the US Pro Cycling Challenge. Read the press release here. Sebastian is somehow both Colombian and Canadian -- a combination that, until recently, I refused to believe existed. In fact, I'm not sure I fully accept that Sebastian is real, and not a mythical beast, like a centaur or a cockatrice. I can't wait to spend some time in this presence of this rare creature -- and to see him soar up the Colorado Rockies in person! Here's a photo of Sebastian recklessly pilfered from his facebook page (which was itself recklessly pilfered from the website 

Next up, the folks over at Manual for Speed have been busy cranking out more goodies. This time, a short video entitled: Driveway Time Trial. This clip was recognized for its brilliance, and promptly ridiculed, by none other than the Sultan of Snark himself, the BikeSnobNYC. See Manual for Speed? You've made it! 

Last up, I can't spill all the beans, but let me just say that I spent my day helping two Exergy engineers prepare a giant surprise for the US Pro Cycling Challenge. Let's just leave it at this: Exergy has some very smart engineers, and if you're in one of the host cities, be SURE to check out the expo -- the Exergy booth shouldn't be hard to miss. 


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Cyrus said...

Seb is real, I'll assure you of that. He has made me realize how terrible I am at climbing these days.
That being said, the coolest thing about him is the way he answers phone calls. So nonchalant yet excited at the same time.
Ask him about his superhuman (quite literally) ability at 40% grade trail running. He will give you a nonchalant, subdued answer but the guy must have the heart of a horse to accomplish what he has!