Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Transfer Time

Transfer haiku:

Prologue finish line
Why are you so far away?
This last K shall suck.

Perched on a cooler
I can wince and drool -- that's it
Lungs like fire, on fire

Sleep avoided me
Tossed and turned and coughed til two
I curse you, Red Bull!

Colorado Springs
Gracious host city, farewell
Hello Salida

The forecast calls for
Colombian fireworks
Stage one, time to dance!

Listen up good, lungs
Gird your lions and steel your nerves!
Wait, do lungs have loins?


Mary Topping said...

Sam, if you get a chance, can you ck your exergy email account?

Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog for around a year now. I found it by google-ing 6'4" (my height, too) cyclists.

I just heard Phil Liggett say "it's Sam Johnson doing tremendous work at the front of the pack.."

Congratulations, man! I have totally enjoyed following your thoughts and career on your blog, and now watching you on the tour tracker!

All the best!!