Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things That Happened

Here are some of the things that happened today:

  • I MADE A SCHLECK SANDWICH! The brothers Schleck were riding next to each other, and I carefully moved in between them. Mission accomplished, I thought to myself.
  • CADEL MADE A JOKE! As we passed by the sign that read ENTERING CHAFFEE COUNTY, I heard Cadel say "I hope everyone remembered their chamois cream -- I hear this county is Chaffee!"
  • LEVI PEED ON ME! His etiquette was fine -- he was all the way over at the side of the road, and he was extremely tidy. The winds, however, turned his stream into a fine aerosol mist -- some of which hit me. It's bike racing folks, and it's got some gross bits. EEEEEEW. 
  • BASSO WINKED AT ME! I nodded to him at dinner, and he winked back. 
  • Kai, Slack and I polished off that breakaway, and tried to lead out Carlos and Freddy. SMASH!
  • Manual For Speed threw up some sweet photos on their facebook page. I COMMAND THEE TO SCOPE THEM AT ONCE!


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Now that's a race report worth re-reading.