Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Totally Awesome. Totally Pooped

Well I must say, this race is living up to its hype. The fans are totally off the hook! Thousands of scantly clad, probably drunk, extremely loud cycling fans. GO USA PRO CYCLING CHALLENGE.

Here are some sweet spots:

ANDRES MADE A SCHLECK SANDWICH! And it was a MUCH better crafted one than I made. Here's Andres and the Schlecks going over the top of Independence Pass.

 I WAS IN A BREAKAWAY WITH JENS VOIGT! I couldn't believe my eyes, but old Jensy and I (and about 12 others) spent a few minutes off the front during the first part of the race. Jens would have eaten me for lunch in that breakaway if it had stuck, but was fun.

 I TOOK A FEED FROM THE CAR GOING 50 MPH! There's nothing like it. Picture this, you're basically switching back and forth between stuffing your shirt with water bottles, and -- OH SHIT GET YOUR HANDS BACK ON THE BRAKES HERE COMES A CURVE.

 THOSE PASSES WERE AWESOME. I didn't really get the full appreciation of the view, but dang, what a cool place to have a race.

CARLOS PULLED THE PIN (and I joined him). The last ~40 miles of my race were pretty calm. Carlos was feeling less than stellar, and wanted to save his energy for the stages he can win. So, at the base of Independence Pass, he slid off the back. Kai and I slid off with him, and proceeded to set a nice, easy pace for him all the way to the finish. Piano. Molto piano. 

 Lastly, and on a somewhat unrelated note, my former teammate Steve Fisher made a video teasing me, and my tendency to coax snakes off the road. Here you go:

I AM TIRED. Goodnight.


byrongostop said...

Fucking LOVE it. :) Can't wait to see you!!!

Tony V said...

So proud of the way you are a great teammate and can shine doing the hard work there, Sam!

We all understand more and more how a team works and the important roles for everyone when we read your blogs and tweets...

...we also learn that Sam "hearts" snakes.

I can put some Snakes On The Plane next time you fly, if you would like.