Monday, August 22, 2011

Loony Tunes

I'm watching Loony Tunes with Matt and farting around on my computer before the race starts. Here's some things I like:

First up, here's a video that does a pretty effective job of sharing what it's like to win a crit with a crazy last lap attack. Thanks Brad Huff (by the way, who, after watching this awesome footage, still thinks GoPro cameras should be banned?)

Next, check out all the awesome work done for Team Exergy by our sponsor Trademark Signs. My favorites include these:


Mary Topping said...

Crap, missed seeing you all in that wowsie TT helmet. OK, Wednesday hopefully.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Oh I didn't get to wear that thing -- it's some sort of prototype kept in Exergy's underground lair.

Tony V said...

You guys need to revolt until they let the whole team have that awesome helmet, Sam!

veryrustybrown said...

I'm a fan of yours, Sam - and now you quote XKCD! Randall Munroe ftw!