Friday, August 26, 2011


OK cycle race fans, KROGG EXPLAIN!

This big big race. Different than all other race. Normal race, Krogg sleep at home-stay all week -- which Krogg love. But this race too much logistics for home-stay. This race Krogg sleep at different ski resort every night. One thing Krogg learn about ski resort -- every ski resort LOVE to be better than last ski resort. USA Pro Cycling Challenge basically giant pissing-match between ski resort. 

Krogg love it when ski resort compete to impress: In Colorado Springs Krogg sleep in nice hotel and eat good food. In Crested Butte, Krogg sleep in really nice hotel, and eat really good food. In Aspen, Krogg stay in full-blown condominium apartment, and eat salmon in basement ballroom. In Vail, Krogg sleep in quaint and charming condominium apartment with killer view, and eat tilapia in ground floor ballroom. At this point things almost out of control! Now Krogg in Steamboat Springs. Krogg sleep in luxurious condominium apartment with killer view, new carpet, and more appliances than Sears. Krogg eat Colorado trout with lemon sauce in second floor ballroom with old-timey country band playing to entertain. 

WHAT GOING ON? THIS HEAVEN? Krogg wouldn't be surprised. At this rate, tomorrow in Breckenridge Krogg eat sushi while watching Cirque de Soliel, and on Sunday in Denver Krogg eat endangered shark fin while watching Radiohead. Here photo proof: 

Krogg sized bed!

Nice view of ski mountain. 

Dining room in hotel room? CRAZY!

Krogg never see this sign in hotel, ever. 

Try the trout -- it delicious.

Yippie-kai-yaaaaaay! Yippie-kai-yooooo!
Sky flowers? For us?

Krogg love meal time at USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Everybody eat in same room, like this: 
One big happy cyclist family. 
Meal time pretty unreal. Every team have assigned table, and all racers eat together. Everywhere Krogg look, there famous cyclist. Basso over there. Cadel over there. Danielson over there. KROGG RIGHT HERE!
Here how Team Exergy find table: 
Homing beacon.

Eat at buffet like this: 

Glorious breakfast buffet. 
This morning Krogg eat killer house-made granola. Not bad...for Vail. 
Krogg can't wait to see what Steamboat Springs make for breakfast.

Krogg so lucky to race USA PRO CYCLING CHALLENGE!!!
Krogg need pinch: this dream?


cycloid said...

Sweet dream!

Dylan said...

"Basso over there. Cadel over there. Danielson over there. KROGG RIGHT HERE!"

Lol'd IRL on that one, Love your blogs dude. Keep them coming!

Martin Criminale said...

Nice! Just another benefit of being a BIG TIME pro on a team with a MASSIVE BUDGET at a race with TONS OF SPONSORS. :)

Cosmic Collider said...

What an amazing experience Sam! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Nancy said...

Love your blog and I loved your attitude through the race. The dream is real and you raced with the big boys. I'm glad I was at the right place at the right time on Mt. Crested Butte.

Your start line stalker...I mean groupie!!!