Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Azerbaijan. Exergy just got invited to the Tour of Azerbaijan. There is very little chance that we'll actually go, but just the name -- Azerbaijan -- was enough to send my imagination into overdrive. I mean, spend a few minutes on the Wikipedia page. Read about their beautiful capitol city, Baku (perched on that little peninsula into the Caspian Sea). Baku has been around since the 1st century AD, and is currently one of the world's leading chess centers -- did you realize that? Or that Baku is home to the world tallest flagpole (check Guinness)?? Or that they've got plans to build a friggin' Death Star hotel there? No? Well neither did I.

I'd love to learn how to say "which way to the podium" in Azerbaijani. What do you say blog readers -- all in favor of the Tour of Azerbaijan say aye!


xtine said...

ay-ay-aye!!! just know that you'd have one super-jealous girlfriend. (:

Cyrus said...

Azerbaijan!!! Do it! I'm half Azeri (on the Iranian side), never been but want to go quite badly.
If you go, that would make someone else who would be super jealous.

byrongostop said...

The adventure alone would be worth it. The romance of it is wonderful. And as someone who's had a close friend live there for a couple years, I just want to advise you to not breathe while you're in the city. So just watch out for that. When I told her I'd visit, she said "Let's just go to Dubai instead." So just prepare, k lil' guy?

Mmm, tasty!