Friday, January 14, 2011

Krogg Indulge in Star Trek Relapse

Krogg have confession: since early age, Krogg harbor slightly embarrassing infatuation with Star Trek. Yes it true. When Krogg young caveman, Krogg neighbor hardcore Trekkie, and this neighbor loan Krogg entire Star Trek Next Generation (over the course of several summers). This permanently alter Krogg outlook on life; from thence forth, Krogg envision life among the stars, cruising about with Klingons, and Romulans, and androids, solving galactic mysteries, and helping broker peace between warring alien species'.

Krogg suspect Lt. Commander Worf would have been good friend to Krogg:

Oh how Krogg love himself a good episode of Star Trek, but this love somewhat suppressed in recent years. WELL NO LONGER! KROGG WISH TO SING FROM MOUNTAIN TOPS: KROGG LOVE STAR TREK! Recently, Krogg discover that certain channels on cable television offer Star Trek episodes round-the-frickin'-clock, and this make Krogg very happy. 

Star Trek: Krogg APPROVE!

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