Monday, January 10, 2011

Exergy News!

Cool new stuff on the Exergy front.

First off -- we've got our wheel sponsor: Williams Cycling! These wheels are awesome. Williams makes a great range of wheels -- from carbon clinchers, to deep dish tubulars, to disc wheels, and Powertap options. These should make our Felt bikes look really really good. Thank you Williams!

Next up, I got a chance to meet our team's soigneur, Mark Dauenhauer. He assessed my injuries and gave me a wonderful massage. He also had some excellent stories. I'm so excited to get to work with Mark throughout this season -- I have no doubt that he's going to make a big difference, both in injury prevention, as well as recovering from hard races.

Next, Exergy made the front page of the Daily Peloton. The article highlights several of the Idaho companies that are joining forces to support the team. Very cool stuff.

And saving the best for last, we got a friggin foosball table at the service course. I'm pretty rusty (read really awful) but our director Tad is an excellent player. Here's Tad, showing off some of his skills:

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Anonymous said...

wishing you more success bike racing because it is clear from that youtube video you will never win a foosball game against tad