Monday, January 10, 2011

Well Shit -- Giveaway Revision.

Well shit. As my dear friend and loyal GliderBison reader Jamie pointed out -- uBRDO is no longer in business. This renders my giveaway completely useless. The last thing I want to do is sow the seeds of distrust in the hearts of my readers, so I've decided to make amends. I'm still going to give away a $25 uBRDO gift certificate, but I'm now going to include an honest to goodness time machine. Check it:
Just spin the dials, adjust the giant chronometer, and pull the crank and you'll be whisked away to roughly eight months ago when uRBDO was still in business. That way you can go back and use your gift certificate before uBRDO closes! Honestly, if all you did with your new time machine was redeem a $25 gift certificate, I'd probably have to punch you in the groin -- GO ON AN EXCELLENT ADVENTURE YOU FOOL -- OR EVEN HAVE A BOGUS JOURNEY -- I DON'T CARE!!! JUST USE YOUR GODDAM TIME MACHINE!!!

Here's what I'm actually going to give away instead: 

A Hagens Berman cycling cap! It's basically new (it didn't fit my head too well, so I never wore it riding). 
AND.....a new Chris King shirt (size L):

AND....a really handy bicycle repair quick guide. This thing covers pretty much everything you'd need to completely overhaul your bike. This handy guide is well organized and easy to use -- from basic adjustments, to roadside repairs, to more advanced tuning or repairs -- it's all in there. 

There ya go -- no time machine needed to redeem. Just leave a comment on this blog entry (on the actual blog, not on facebook please), and I'll do the drawing on Monday, 1/17/11 using a random number generator. One entry per person please. 


Spencer said...

Randomly Generated Comment

xtine said...

Yes! That repair guide would be perfect for Chainbreaker... pick me, pick me!

IAN! said...

The giant herbivorous snow leopard dons shimmying thunderclouds as the approaching march of dominant lizardmen tout the new dawn of Poseidon. Wizards clad in vellum taunt winged chariots of time as their spells swing out on the journey like hoarfrost encloses a darkened alley. Alas, Dear Reader, our story is about to unfold.

Eli said...

You could also go back in time and have your mom awkwardly hit on you and help Chuck Berry find his sound. Or you could attempt to kill and/or protect a woman (depending on whether you're good or evil or whether you're the original or the sequel) on whose survival the fate of mankind relies. Or I guess you could go forward and try to woo Meg Ryan with your blue blood charm (yeah, I've seen Kate and Leopold--so what?).

Adam said...

Lack of haiku makes
other posters seem silly
pamplamousse for lunch

Whimsical Stories
Of times long ago should win;
*lizard man ate him*

Unknown said...

I'm incapable of fizing my bike without wearing a Chris King t-shirt and Hagens Berman hat.

mobygrape said...

spinning wheels madly
snow flying about my ears
new hampshire; new home


Andy said...

I want that HB cap like whoa. The shirt might be a little large though.

Whodathunk Kirkland would be so inhospitable to cycling? If I won the time machine trip I would find a way to make sure the Kirkland Crit didn't die!