Monday, January 24, 2011

Mobile Brains

MOBILE PHONES WILL SOME DAY RULE THE WORLD. Mark my words. I'm not talking about this in a metaphorical sense either -- some day a mobile phone will actually rule the world. Think about it: we almost elected Sarah Palin as vice president, and she's a lot dumber than my new phone. It's not that much of a leap to assume that in a few years, phones will be running for elected office. I mean my phone, the HTC Evo, is basically a magic wand: it can do anything I want. It's everything the future promised us. It's like a tricorder from Star Trek, combined with the hoverboard from Back to the Future, and a light-saber from Star Wars (only with a better camera). Every picture you've seen on my blog since mid-December, including all those "Land of Enchantment" shots,  has been taken with my phone. That movie I just posted on youtube (with the bird dancers) was shot on my phone using an app called Clayframes (it's a simple stop-motion and time-lapse app for Andriod). Right now, I'm typing this post on my computer, but I'm accessing the internet through my phone thanks to a mysterious process called "tethering." I don't understand it, but that's ok -- I don't need to!! My phone understand everything for me!

Well now Blogger is advancing it's mobile abilities, by formatting my blog for mobile phones. Now if you check GliderBison from a smart phone, the page will be automatically formatted for mobile users. Plus I now have the ability to craft and upload posts from my phone.


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Martin Criminale said...

That's a light-saber from Star WARS my friend... :)

And if you figure out how to attach a label/category to a post from your phone let me know; that woudl be really cool.