Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg

The time has come.

You all remember Chris Hong. He's one of the most recognizable riders in the north american peloton. I first mentioned Chris in my Top Five Mutant Bodies of the Tour of the Glia, where he took the title of "most minuet male." He then reappeared last year during the Elkhorn Classic, where he climbed up that final climb with the wings of an angel (leapfrogging from 16th to 1st in the GC). Well now we're teammates, and oh how I'm excited for the year ahead. I'm going to start what I hope to be a multi-part series entitled The Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg.

Naturally, I'll let Krogg do the honors. Take it away Krogg:

The Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg
Episode 1: Sponsor Camp

Story begin when Krogg and Hong go to Sponsor Camp. This kind of like summer camp, mixed with job training, mixed with Christmas. Krogg and Hong do many fun things at sponsor camp: race go-karts (which neither of us do particularly well), play lots of foosball (which neither of us do particularly well), eat yummy food (which we both do exceedingly well), and whole team go out on town (which Krogg do much better than Hong, but in terms of beers per pound, Hong have slight advantage). Krogg and Hong also do lots to prepare for season: meetings with staff, photo-shoots, and many many sponsor presentations to learn about cool new sponsors. During sponsor presentations, Krogg and Hong take notes about different sponsors. Hong just graduate from Harvard University. Hong study pre-med. Hong accepted to medical school. Here Hong's notes: 

Pretty good notes. 
On other side of spectrum, Krogg graduate from Whitman. Krogg study art. Here Krogg's notes:

Also pretty good notes. 
Despite differences in style, Krogg and Hong now very well prepared to represent sponsors throughout season. Ask Krogg question about PowerCordz for instance -- Krogg know answer! 
Krogg and Hong also receive all kinds of new gear, including new clothing. Mighty mastodons -- new kits look amazing!! Here Krogg and Hong pose with new kits: 
Krogg and Hong have many daydreams about upcoming season. So much support, so much racing, such high hopes and expectations. Krogg have much much more exciting news to share, but Sponsor Camp still going full swing, so stories must wait. Tonight: big party at the Exergy corporate headquarters. Krogg and Hong plan on getting dressed up like fancy cavemen -- long pants, button down shirts, shoes -- the works! This pretty rare occurrence for Krogg and Hong, so wish us luck. 

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