Monday, March 21, 2011

Days and Days

It's Monday morning and things are starting to get crazy here because we've got our presentation party tonight, which should be amazing because hundreds of people are supposed to show up, and we've got three bands, two taco trucks, and one professional cycling announcer coming to keep us entertained -- the latter of which I'm especially excited about because Todd "Go-Go" Gogulski is really good at his job, and he's going to electrify that crowd tonight and make us seem pretty frickin' cool, but we still have a lot to do -- we've got to load the foos-ball table and the Jura into the trailer, wash the vehicles, finish prepping all the gear, get dressed to the nines, and eat some sandwiches before the party starts -- and that's just for the party -- we're headed to San Dimas and Redlands early Wednesday morning and -- Christ!!! -- I have a lot to do before I get out of town, like go to the bank, and pay my fines at the library, possibly eat dinner with my lovely girlfriend before I have to kiss her goodbye for another two weeks, oh -- and shave my face cuz I'm starting to look pretty scruffy, and -- awh crap, I need to organize my room because I've been steadily adding entropy to my living space for the last three weeks and haven't cleaned it up once -- it looks like a clothing grenade exploded in there -- oh shit, it's time for me to get out of here and I haven't even finished the slideshow I'm preparing for the party or gone for my training ride OR done everything else I need to do like finish this blog post.

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