Friday, March 4, 2011

Things That Are Cool

Thing 1: the new Team Exergy Store just opened on the website! Now you can buy the kit, and ride the wind just like Team Exergy! I know the kits are expensive, but this stuff is the best on the market -- it's as comfortable as it is innovative. The bibs are remarkable -- you hardly know they're there! The only thing I'd recommended is that if you buy cycling clothing regularly, buy a size larger than you normally do. Castelli makes its clothing with a racer in mind -- this means a Medium jersey is cut for a medium sized racer -- not a medium sized american.  We've also got the Team Exergy branded K-Edge, and Team Exergy tee-shirts, hats, and socks available. More items will be added to the store throughout the year (including a special treat for GliderBison fans), so check back often! Thanks to Kai Applequist and Stephen Fitzgerald for their hard work in launching our store. GO BUY STUFF!!!!

Thing 2: our team presentation party is coming up! If there's one thing that Team Exergy knows how to do, it's party -- and this party should be one for the record books. We've got a live band, two (count 'em -- TWO) taco trucks, a full bar, and the best of all: professorial cycling announcer Todd Gogulski will be announcing the event. For those who don't know, Todd announces cycling on Universal Sports -- the american television broadcaster for all the biggest races in the world outside the Tour de France. His presence will greatly enhance the spectacle of this event. Oh, and did I mention there's a giant raffle (free of charge) for tons of cool Exergy gear? WE GUNNA HAVE FUUUUUUUN!!!!!! Thanks to John Yarnell for his beautiful poster designs.

Thing 3: my ride today was pretty killer. First off, the ratio of Olympians to regular Joes was 1:1. Second the ratio of Olympic gold medal winners to non-gold medal winners was 1:3 -- them ain't bad odds. Yes it's true, I rode with Boise native Kristen Armstrong today. She joined me and my teammate Carlos Alzate on a blisteringly fast EHB (Emmett/Horseshoe Bend) loop. It was wonderful to get to know Kristen better, after having faced off several times while racing (yes, we've raced against each other at local races -- she races with the men in Idaho), and having watched her absolutely demolish the women's field time and time again at NRC races. Thanks for the ride Kristen -- any time.

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