Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wacky Stuff

Cycling news is wacky stuff (the news, and the websites that cover it). Just look at all these crazy contradicting headlines! Within the last year, we've seen the following headlines (forgive me for paraphrasing):

  • Contador Wins Tour!
  • Contador Doesn't Win Tour!

  • Pegasus Off To Great Start!
  • Everyone and Their Domestique Signs With Pegasus
  • Pegasus in Major Trouble
  • Pegasus? I'm Sorry, There's No Such Team.

  • Contador Banned
  • Contador's Sentence Reduced
  • Contador Not Banned
  • Contador Racing, Like Tomorrow
  • Contador Probably Un-Un-Banned Soon (or is it Re-Banned?)

  • Ricardo Rico Reformed Man After Serving Doping Ban 
  • Ricardo Rico Nearly Dies in Botched DIY Doping Accident
  • Ricardo Rico Admits to Nothing, Looking Forward to New Career as Barista

  • UCI Bans Radios
  • USA Cycling Un-Bans Radios
  • UCI Throws Hissy-Fit
  • USA Cycling Re-Bans Radios

Cycling, thanks for keeping things wacky. 

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Martin Criminale said...

The barista story was my favorite.