Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We Got A Real Live Canadian!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce Ben Chaddock. If you've seen the rider profiles on our new website, or if you frequent his blog, you already know Ben well. Obviously Ben is a killer racer, however, for those of you who have yet to meet Mr. Chaddock in more casual way, here's the important info:

First and foremost, Ben is a Canadian -- a real one. I've seen it. I was in the room the other night while Ben and his brother were talking via Skype. Here were their topics of conversation: snow, hockey, skiing, and maple syrup (ok, they didn't actually talk about maple syrup, but they might as well have). The first thing he did upon moving into the house with me (yes, he now lives in a house with me) was to hang his Canadian flag proudly on the wall.
Carlos luxuriates beneath our new Canadian flag. 

Ben adds a wonderful levity to our team. He keeps things funny and casual in a sport whose participants tend to take themselves a little too seriously. His viking hat alone makes any situation 92% more fun. Observe:
Ben loads a bike into the elevator at the casino. 
Ben is also a whirlwind of organization. He reminds me of Taz the Tasmanian devil, only instead of whirling around spreading chaos and destruction, Ben leaves behind him a swath of alignment and order. Here's Taz:

And here's Ben with a shoulder mounted backpack vacuum: 
Can you tell the difference? I didn't think so (please note: HE WEARS CANADIAN FLAGS WHILE DOING CHORES!!!).

Shortly after hanging his Canadian flag, Ben tore through our kitchen cabinets, creating harmony and synergy everywhere he went. What was once a disorganized array of canned goods became orderly rows organized by protein content (green beans, soup, black beans, kidney beans, tuna fish). Here's the master of method at work: 

I encourage everyone to follow Ben's blog. He's got great training advice, links to good music, and wonderful anecdotes about life as a pro racer -- all delivered with orderly Canadian charm. 

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