Thursday, March 24, 2011

The (Continuing) Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg

Yep, that's right -- it's time for another installment of your favorite dynamic duo -- Chris Hong and Krogg:

The Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg

Yowzers! Krogg still reeling from party time! Holy MASTADON – Team Exergy know how to throw a good party! All day long Team Exergy work work work to prepare. Here Carlos washing van:

Krogg and Hong get dressed-up to the nines. We good looking cavemans! Team Exergy provide matching outfits. Trust Krogg: Team Exergy difficult group of guys to dress (at least so guys don't look like slovenly Australopithecus hahaha!). Exergy get pants that fit Hong, and pants that fit Krogg – WOW! Krogg pants require twice as much fabric as Hong pants – but when worn by appropriately sized caveman, both look good! 
Chris Hong and Krogg with caveman Drew purposefully ruining picture. 
Party have several purpose. Purpose one: thank local Boise community for support. Purpose two: present team. Purpose three: HAVE KILLER PARTY. Krogg happy to announce that all three purpose we accomplish! Exergy Development Group throw out red carpet and pull out all stops -- even parking giant beautiful windmill semi-trailer in front. Even though it rain a lot a lot on Monday night, hundreds of people come to classy old Linen Building to see fancy Team Exergy bikes, schmooze with Team Exergy riders, listen to some real country music by Boise's favorite band Poke, and last but not least – see presentation.

Krogg good friend Todd Gogulski there to emcee. Todd former mighty cyclist, and current mighty television commentator, so it special honor to have him there. Everybody have good time – especially Krogg and Hong! Here Krogg, Hong, Josh the Williams Wrench, and Todd Gogulski share photo opportunity:

Krogg and Hong have wonderful time at party: we drink caveman drink, and dance caveman dance, and talk caveman talk until the wee hours (roughly eleven o’clock – which is practically four in the morning by cyclist standards). Krogg like to give big thanks to Boise cycling community. Trust Krogg – all of Team Exergy extremely excited to rep-ro-sent Boise at upcoming races. KOWABUNGA!  
One more group shot...

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