Thursday, December 13, 2007

Am I nuts?

I'm about to head out to Kansas for the weekend. I'm going there to assist and chaperon the Whitman College Cycling Team while they compete in the Cyclocross National Championships. It should be grand.

Now, I've been complaining about the weather in Boise. But compared to what Kansas is going through, I feel like a total whiner. Kansas was recently declared to be in a state of emergency due to the intense ice storms that coated everything in a thick layer of ice. I've heard this phenomenon is absolutely breathtaking, the ice turning every surface into a prism, reflecting light everywhere, making the entire outdoors a shiny wonderland:

Ice storms are also about as destructive as a hurricane. Trees are unable to shed the weight of the ice as it builds up, causing their branches to snap off left and right. It also does this to bikes:

AND I'M GOING OUT THERE!! I'll stand around and freeze my butt off, and yell like crazy, and cheer for the whitties, and watch people slip on the ice and mud, and stand in the wheel pit in case someone has a mechanical problem, and ring that cowbell -- CAN WE GET A LITTLE MORE COWBELL PLEASE??? -- and then I'll drive everybody to get hot cocoa once the race is over. It's cyclocross baby, and as I said, it should be grand!

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