Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BLOG FIESTA 2007 cool-down/Re: Cycling Weenies

Well that concludes the 2007 Blog Fiesta. I found that upon arriving at the Minneapolis International Airport, my desire to "blog till the cows come home" was satisfied. To my surprise, the cows actually made it home well before I did. You should consider yourself lucky you even got those poems out of me. It took me 19 hours of travel time to go from Kansas City to Boise. According to google maps, I could have driven there in exactly that amount of time. I did give myself the master tour of the Minneapolis airport, and I'll tell ya -- wow -- it's a doosie!

On another note, Gus and I have been going to the gym a lot. Mostly I do my cyclist-specific stuff outlined carefully in my personalized online weight training guide over at; however Gus's workouts have a way of rubbing off on me, and inspiring me to work on my "total body fitness", which means (gasp!) exercising my arms. Now I'm not looking to "bulk up", or even gain any muscle in my upper body -- I've got plenty of that left over from my swimming days. No, I'm just interested in not feeling like such a huge weenie when I have to do things that require massive upper body strength -- like moving heavy objects (a phonebook for instance), throwing a game of darts, or even pushing around a lawnmower (the UNpowered kind). So Gus makes me do the bench press. Gus makes me do the bicep curl. Gus makes me do that one where I lift the 12.5 lb. weights with straight arms, and at first it feels easy, but before 10 reps I'm grimacing, and snorting, and about to give myself a hernia it's so hard. I'll be lifting 15 lb. weights in no time. I can't wait to show off my rippling guns at the next bike race and make all the other racers fear terrified of me -- not that I'll beat them in the race, but rather that I'll beat the snot out of them (with my rippling guns) once I catch them.

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