Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A friendly wager....

I'm betting that I will blog more than my friends over there at TheMonstro during the month of December. Yessir, I'd be willing to make that wager if only to inspire a little friendly competition between our blogs (and to see if anyone is actually reading this). So Monstro bloggers, here are the conditions of the bet:

1. Blog posts must be good. No simple "check this video out" posts. Blogging about a video is acceptable, provided there is some thoughtful commentary from the blogger.

2. Each blogger will be limited to a maximum of one post per day. I know this puts me at HUGE disadvantage, seeing as how I'm outnumbered at least three (possibly four) to one, but seeing as how we're dang near halfway through December already, and seeing as how I've got a three-post lead already, aaaand seeing as how I doubt my opponents will notice they've been challenged for a few days, I still think this is fair.

3. Other rules and conditions may be introduced, by either party, throughout the competition.

4. All blogging must be done by 12:00AM January 1st, 2008.

That's it. Real simple. Monstronauts, consider yourselves challenged.

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