Monday, December 17, 2007

BLOG FIESTA #1: blog-off rule addendum

As many of you know (but clearly not enough of you), I recently challenged my friends over at The Monstro to a friendly blog competition, a "blog-off" if you will. Due to the extraneous circumstances of late, I've decided to exercise my right to blog-off rules and regulations article three:

Other rules and conditions may be introduced, by either party, throughout the competition.

Thus, from here and hence forth:
"in the event of an airport layover of six hours or more, bloggers are allowed to upload unlimited blog entries for the duration of the layover, and at any subsequent layovers during the same travel period [travel period being defined as the continuous and contiguous time elapsed between arrival at and departure from airport property, including (but not limited to) all time spent on-board an aircraft, all dining or shopping activities performed in airport shops, any usage of airport bathroom facilities, all time spent exercising or napping in airport waiting areas, and any overnight stays in hotels due to cancellations, delays, or any other airline based inconvenience]. "

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