Monday, December 17, 2007

BLOG FIESTA #7: I get what I want...

So let me get this straight, my jars of peanut butter and jelly can't go on the plane. They clearly look just like bomb parts. But if I take that same peanut butter and jelly, smear some of it on bread, and put the rest into little plastic containers, it's suddenly OK? Carrying several sandwiches made with a poorly sliced sourdough baguette stuffed with three times more jelly and peanut better than is recommended for a clean consumption is in my humble opinion MORE dangerous to America's safety than bomb parts -- I'm no doubt going to be getting every door knob, hand rail, and airplane seatbelt sticky from here to Boise.

Finally. It's time to get on the plane. The airport is undergoing it's 5th false fire alarm of the day. My next stop is Minneapolis Minnesota, where I'll have another 4 hours of layover. THIS FIESTA IS JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!!

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