Friday, December 7, 2007

Letters to the editor:

Dear editors of the Boise Weather,

I moved to Boise several months ago, and subscribed to the Weather upon my arrival. At first, I was nothing short of amazed with your publication. The sun shone upwards of sixteen hours per day, the temperature was comfortable both during the day and night, and my bike rides were seldom inconvenienced by rain or high winds. I was a satisfied customer. Until now.

Lately the quality of the Weather has undergone a precipitous decline (yes, pun fucking intended). More than once in the last month I've found myself riding my bike to work in total darkness over ice covered streets through blustering winds and pouring rain. I'm even considering putting studs in my 'cross tires for added traction! This is insanity! What happened up there? What happened to your quality control program? Did all the Weather's writers go on strike along with the screenwriters guild? Have the normal editors been fired and replaced with a team of PC literate baboons? Furthermore, I've heard rumors from numerous reliable sources that this trend is likely to continue. I'm honestly considering canceling my subscription, which would have been inconceivable less than one month ago. Weather, you make me sad. Please make me happy again...

I've included a picture of what I've heard described as a "cold front." Supposedly this is the root cause of some of the problems in your service I've described. If this is the case, please remove this feature from my current Weather package -- I don't recall signing up for "cold fronts," nor do I want them. Thank you.
Bitter in Boise

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LADY said...

You make me laugh Sam. I am oh so happy I had something to read at work today. Who knew cycling was so funny?

Oh and come to NYC. I will pretty much say that to you every time I talk to you so get used to it.