Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Celebration

In celebration of this weekend's sponsor education camp, I shaved my face! NO MORE MUSTACHE!

In celebration of shaving off my mustache, I sang a duet:

Naturally, this is somewhat of a tribute. Check out how the pros do it:

Aaaaand the original:

So in an earlier post, I wrote about how pleased I was with the free software available on the internet. There's a really solid replacement for Photoshop, Office, and as I recently found by stumbling across Inkscape, Illustrator. What there is NOT however, is a satisfactory free video editing program. I tried just about everything out there, and not one of them was easy to use, or capable. If anyone has an extra copy of Final Cut for Windows they're not using, I'd promise to take good care of it.


Martin Criminale said...

Not sure how fancy of a video editor you need but this has been adequate for me:

IAN! said...

You have made my day! YOU HAVE MADE IAN'S! DAY!! Make more singing!