Friday, February 18, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, please bow your heads with respect, and allow me to introduce Team Exergy's Honorable Viceroy of Caffeine: Jura the Benevolent. Jura is an espresso machine of the highest order, fully automated, self servicing, and remarkably capable. Simply place your favorite coffee-bearing vessel beneath the sacred spouts, select single-shot or double, and adjust the amount of desired (additional) water to be added. Then, sit back and watch. With a whir and a buzz, Jura the Benevolent carries out your request with gusto. Moments later, your cup shall be filled with the desired amount of aromatic brown elixir -- espresso so luscious the very gods would fancy themselves fortunate to have a taste. 

UPDATE: It is my esteemed privileged to announce that Jura the Benevolent has been hired to the Team Exergy staff for the entire 2011 season. He has been assigned living quarters inside the team trailer, and his services shall be available to the team throughout the year! HUZZAH!!! BEGIN REJOICING AT ONCE!!!!

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