Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sponsors, Sniffles, Schedule.

THE GOOD: I've updated my Sponsors tab at the top of the page. I added some new links and brief descriptions of what each sponsor brings to the table. Be sure to mosey on up there and take a peek.

THE BAD: I've got the sniffles. Goddamit! Well I for one and not going to take this cold lying down -- I plan to fight lying down. I'm going to sleep for at least 12 hours straight, and if that doesn't kick this cold....then I guess I'll do it again until the cold is kicked. Right now, I'm preparing a multi-pronged assault on my cold. From the North: echinacea. From the East: chamomile tea. From the South: valerian root. And from the West: Emergen-c. This cold doesn't stand a chance.

THE AWESOME: As per request, I've got my initial schedule for the first part of the season up and running on the side-bar. BOO YEAH. CHECK OUT THEM RACES! There are plenty of holes to fill, but as for big stuff, that's the layout for the first half of the season (plus or minus a few big ones we're on the fence about). You should see some new races on there -- some of which I'm pretty darn psyched for. YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAW!!!!

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Elijah P. said...

May I suggest a NetiPot as well? Super helpful and a-natural!