Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The (Continuing) Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg

Alright everybody, it's time for the latest installment of our multi-part series about everybody's favorite caveman duo: Chris Hong and Krogg.

The (Continuing) Adventures of Chris Hong and Krogg. 
Episode 2: The Bike Change

Krogg like to indulge in daydream. Please, indulge with Krogg: One day, Chris Hong and Krogg start important stage race. Stage one Hong and Krogg work together all day. Whenever crosswind start to blow, Krogg say "get on my wheel Hong!" and Hong survive crosswind. Whenever road go over steep hill, Hong say "hold on tight Krogg!" and Krogg survive hill. Stage finish atop mighty mighty mountain top, and Krogg think Hong able to win stage. "No more wind for you Hong -- Krogg pull you all the way until bottom of mountain, then HONG WIN!" So Krogg pull all the way to bottom of mountain, and Hong stay out of wind real good. Then bad luck happen! Sobbing salamanders, Hong break bicycle! OH NO! If Hong have no bicycle, how Hong win race? Good thing all riders on Team Exergy ride same pedals! Only one thing to do: caveman bike change. "Here Hong, take my bike," Krogg say, and away Hong go! 

Then, next day, stage finish in long crosswind section. Everything going to plan, until -- terrible tousling tundra tiger -- KROGG BREAK BIKE!!!! This of course leave only one option: caveman bike change! "Here Krogg, take my bike!" Hong say, and Krogg hop on Hong's bike and ride away: 

Not matter what happen, NOTHING STOP Chris Hong and Krogg.


Martin Criminale said...

Hahaha... oh man that was good. The fact that you had real pictures to back it up made it doubly hilarious.

Dessa said...

Krogg is getting soft, LS jersey and vest in sunny California? Krogg should go to Montana, ride in snow and harden up!

Devo said...

you guys are laffs