Friday, February 25, 2011

Website Gnomes

Team Exergy has seven gnome interns. Their names are Bee-Bee, Bim-Bum, Plip-Plop, Boppy McPop, Bo-Boo, Bing-Bong and Adolphus Algernon Waitsburg III. We contracted these gnomes for the entire season through Fairy Finder Ltd., a job placement agency for magical creatures. They work for gumdrops or orange slices (the candy, not the fruit). At first we didn't take their sugar requirements seriously, and assumed they'd be content to continue working in exchange for sour gummy worms or Red Vines, but oh how we were mistaken. They turned their adorable little gnome noses up in the air at our offer, and promptly went on strike until the flow of gum-drops was restored. While their attention spans are short, gnomes are marvelously well-suited for certain tasks. Bo-Boo can glue a tubular tire in under four minutes. Contrary to popular belief, Gnomes are extremely computer savvy. Bee-Bee can write code in Java and C++. Plip-Plop used to intern over at Blizzard Entertainment and helped with artwork in World of Warcraft. Bo-Boo is rumored to be a member of Anonymous. Recently the boys have been hard at work crafting our new website. Things weren't expected to go live until March 1, but in light of yesterday's victory, our manager decided to launch the site anyway. Gnomes love schedules, so this decision sent the little fellows into a full-blown tizzy. They labored through the night, consuming thirty-five pounds of gum-drops in the process. This morning the Exergy service course is littered with sleeping, exhausted gnomes and piles empty candy wrappers, but the fruits of their labors can be seen here:

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Jamie Stangeland said...

Nice site and congrats on the domination of your first race this year. I was looking at the meet the riders page and laughed my ass off when I saw the team photo. Dude, you are 18" taller than all of them. It's pretty fricking hysterical.