Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today. Was. Fun. (And Hard).

Well we did it. So tired now. So so so cold. And wet. Carlos simply sat behind his Team Exergy chariot all day, and wasn't really ever put under pressure. We hung on to all of Carlos' lead, and I (hopefully) held my GC spot too. Out of the whittled-down finish group of 20 or so, there were 5 Exergy jerseys in attendance. Now I'm pretty tired. My job was thus: chill out with Carlos for the first 50 or so miles, and save my legs for the heavy lifting at the end. And there was plenty of heavy lifting to be done. I felt marvelous and powerful. Although now I'm somewhat tired. The axe, as Krogg would say, was swung with both hands.

So tired now.

If you didn't see the Cycling News article about our team, be sure to read it here.

I've really only got enough blog juice for the following:

Top 5 Alexi Grewal Moments of the Day

1) Alexi started the race with some heavily used leather work gloves, but apparently they didn't insulate very well once saturated in freezing water, so he tossed them to the side of the road about halfway through the race.

2) Telling him "Alexi, it's an honor to ride with you, but I need that wheel back," after he'd slipped in-between me and Carlos.

3) One time, Alexi tried to get into our rotation. Nobody was expecting him, and he jerked around a bit. Everyone either barked at him or gestured to stay out of our rotation. Again, it's an honor, but please.

4) Alexi was sure to let us know his post-race plans involved a hot tub and tequila.

5) Alexi spent most of the first 60 miles just off to my left (just behind and to the left of our rotation).

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