Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's All the Hubbub?

As usual, there's some great Exclusive First Listens over at NPR's All Song's Considered. The entire new DeVotchKa album will be up until early March (not to mention gobs and gobs of other good tunes).

Next, be sure to check in with Ryan Parnes over at his blog. Ryan, and his band of merry North American men (namely Phillip Moony and Jamie Sparling) are all spending their year in England racing for the Raleigh Pro Cycling Team. It's exciting stuff, especially for a fellow new-pro like myself. Hopefully you'll agree.

Next, if there's one thing I love, it's being mesmerized. I'd like to thank my sister for this morning's mesmerization.

Finally, I've got to throw out a huge thank-you to our mechanic Chris, and the Williams Wheels mechanic Josh. These guys have been working hard to build our magnificent machines, and mount our grippy tires on our magnificent wheels. Chris and Josh have kept our bikes running well, and looking great. Follow Josh on twitter @williams_wrench. I'm happy to say that their hard work will be getting it's due recognition with a bike profile in an upcoming issue of Road Bike Action Magazine. Check your news stands in the coming weeks.
Chris (right), and our possible road mechanic Devian, cleaning bikes into the night. Thanks guys!

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