Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Ode to Hawkins Pack Out

Hawkins Pack Out, savior mine,
I came across you just in time,

For I was bonking somethin' fierce, 
Could barely push my easy gears! 

Twice the hill by Horsehoe's Bend, 
Balls-to-the-wall, I did ascend,

But upon returning to the other side, 
I found myself a touch cross-eyed, 

Things from there went bad to badder, 
My speed fell right down a ladder, 

By the time I hit Bogus Basin road, 
It was full-blown self-destruct mode,

As Hawkins Pack Out called my name, 
My body stopped, simple and plain. 

A giant burger, root beer, and fries,
Appeared before mine own eyes!

And that is how I made it home, 
To write for you this very poem.

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