Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Krogg go to training camp in mere 36 hours. Krogg hardly able to contain excitement. For number one, Krogg get new bike fit over at WN Precision. New bike feel great! Krogg going to crush it in comfort this year. Plus ceramic bearings on Williams Wheels are smoother than baby-butt, greased-lightning, and tomato sandwich (BBGLT) on silk pillow, held by Johnny Depp. For number two, Krogg help install like $3,000 worth of new Yakima racks onto van today. Holy smoking salamanders -- just think about all those bikes on roof! Pictures to come for sure. For number three, Krogg see this:
Which of course make Krogg one very happy happy caveman!!!!
Don't worry -- Krogg give many report from training camp. Stay tuned!


Tad said...

That is so sweet!

Martin Criminale said...

Hahahaha... Nice bike decal. Cool of the team to do that for you.

Tony Velasco said...

Nice, caveman! Krogg got good hookup this year!

Keep us up to date with all your goings on!

gibsoncn said...