Monday, February 21, 2011

Fantastic Ride


Today Krogg ride with Seattle friends from Keller Rohrbach team. You should remember these cavemen from Krogg blog. Ian crush Krogg at time trial last year, and Jamie crush Krogg on training ride earlier in year. Well today, KROGG CRUSH BACK!!!

We ride over famous Gibraltar mountain outside Santa Barbara. We go up up up up up! Here photo of group near top of hill.
Also on ride Spencer Paxson -- pro mountain biker for Kona: 

Also near top of hill, Krogg spot these crazy guys:

At first, Krogg pretty sure he find real live GPS (Giant Pigeon in Sky), but then someone tell Krogg these simply hang-gliders, not Giant Pigeons. Krogg ask hang-gliders if they still get nervous when they jump off giant mountains, and one hang-glider reply "I don't get nervous; I get an appropriate amount of butterflies in my stomach before a launch. Hang-gliding isn't an adrenaline sport -- it's an endorphin sport." Sounds nice. Then hang-glider pick up giant wing-bird and march towards edge of cliff:
Then with little fanfare, he simply jump into the void:

Once Krogg and group return to Santa Barbara, Krogg wish fond farewell to KR team, and then ride back to Ventura along coast. Krogg get flat tire on Highway 101, but this do little to disrupt Krogg's good mood -- look at view!

Krogg see other amazing thing on way home. DINOSAURS ATTACK FORREST!!!!!!

Mighty Mastodons -- look at those machines devour trees! This somewhat terrifying to Krogg. If that machine has teeth so sharp it can chew through tree trunk, imagine what would happen to caveman, should he accidentally fall into machine's mouth! Lastly, Krogg want to share file from real Giant Pigeon in Sky of ride. WHAT A GOOD CAVEMAN RIDE!!!!

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IAN! said...

So happily still recovering from that ride. Hearts from snowy seattle.