Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hilarious Antagonistic E-mail Exchanges

Hilarious antagonistic e-mail exchanges have finally matured, blossoming into a beautiful art form that crystalizes 21st century life like few other modes of expression can. Many of you are familiar with this story, in which a woman tries to extract a "missing cat" poster from her busy (and brilliantly snarky) co-worker. If this back-and-forth chronicle of miscommunication and subtle insults doesn't crack you up, you're seriously depressed and should seek psychiatric help, or you're Amish, in which case, shame on you for using the Devil's internet! I was initially forwarded this story via e-mail, but decided to track this to its source. What I discovered was the life's work of one David Thorne, an artist who has elevated the simple craft of e-mail writing to a medium capable of rivaling the frescoes of Michelangelo. Behold this treasure trove of hilarious antagonistic e-mail exchanges at Thorne's website 27/6.

Naturally any great genius attracts copy cats, and David Thorne is no exception. Cycling's own Floyd Landis has long been an amateur crafter of entertaining e-mail exchanges. Surely you'll all remember his explosive leaked e-mails that rocked the cycling community last May. However, I saw Floyd's early work as more of a statement of intent than a fully developed talent. He showed potential for sure, but needed to polish his skills before he could touch the hearts and minds of his audience. Well it's been several months since Floyd's first bout of explosive leakage, and while his symptoms subsided temporarily, it appears he's caught the bug again; Floyd has squirted out yet another uncontrolled, messy discharge of words -- but this one is different. This one is beautiful. Elegant. This isn't the work of a clumsy craftsperson; Floyd's skills have matured. He is now the artist he has always dreamed of being, and may now sit atop the throne alongside David Thorn. Behold, Floyd's masterpiece.

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