Saturday, July 10, 2010

Krogg Review Garmin Edge 500

So Krogg have splendid new toy to play with: Garmin Edge 500.

This pretty much best invention ever -- better than fire, better than wheel, and even better than spear! Garmin Edge 500 allow Krogg to train with the legs of 1,000 woolly antelope (fastest animal known to caveman), and the brains of 1,000 snow weasel (craftiest animal known to caveman). Garmin Edge 500 have GPS, which stand for Giant Pigeon in Sky. This giant pigeon fly waaaaay up high, and keep track of where Krogg go on training ride. Then Krogg can look at route afterwards on computer, and share with blog like this: 

See? Krogg climb Bogus Basin! Click "View Details" to see more magic Garmin Edge 500 information. Krogg never imagined in craziest caveman dream he have so much information at fingertips! Krogg can view useful training data (like wattage or lap time), or Krogg can see crazy things (like temperature, %grade, and distance to nearest mammoth herd). Here photos of Krogg's ride:

Bogus Basin great! When you reach ski area, you think you at top of mountain, but noooo, road keep going! Climb several more miles and finally get to spot where you look down on ski area! How sweet this? 

Garmin Edge 500 have many other amazing features. It easy to attach to bicycle, and easy to set up. In fact, Garmin Edge 500 so easy to use, Krogg wager even cave sloth could use one (stupidest animal known to caveman)! All menus are easy, and Krogg never need to use instructions to make Garmin Edge 500 work -- this good thing, Krogg hate instructions! Garmin Edge 500 very smart toy: not only does Garmin Edge 500 talk to Giant Pigeon in Sky, it talk to other new toy, Powertap SL+.

That way, when Krogg pedal, Krogg know exactly how many woolly antelope Krogg worth. Krogg can also look at powerfiles on computer too! See?
Krogg love Garmin Edge 500. And Krogg excited to share many more rides with blog.

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