Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cascade Stage 3

Alright sports fans, coverage of the Cascade Cycling Classic begins now!

Today the sports world wept a collective tear when Oracle Paul, the famed psychic octopus form the soccer world cup, made his first incorrect prediction of his otherwise spotless career. Unfortunately, I did not take the yellow jersey by crushing race leader Rory Sutherland by nine and a half minutes. In fact, I didn't even win the stage -- Oracle Paul was way off!

I did however get to pass Floyd Landis. It took me a long time to reel him in, and I wasn't able to actually pass him until we'd gone through the turnaround, but I'll admit, it was kind of fun. This time trial is an out-and-back up a hill, so the return trip is blazing fast. Once I was able to get all 58 teeth on my chain ring spinning around nice and fast, I put the final nail in the coffin of Floyd's time trial. On my way by, I couldn't help myself....I yelled "Swedish Fish."

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Anonymous said...

I am very happy you passed Floyd Landis during this time trial. I'm not a cyclist, but I know what an admitted liar and cheater is and how such people should be respected (none at all). I truly hope Floyd is and will continue to suffer more than he ever has before.