Friday, July 9, 2010

Pottery! And Bugsy!

So last winter, as a Christmas present, I was given some studio time at Boulder Mountain Clayworks. Christine and I cranked out some cups, bowls, a pitcher, and my first ever tea pot. Here they after being bisque fired, a process that involves cooking the pots for a long time in a creamy, crustacean-based broth. They have since been glazed, and I thought it might be nice to show you the "before" pictures, since the "after" ones might not be quite what I'd hoped; you see, instead of dunking my cups into a giant bucket of Lipstick Purple, a color that in theory would beautifully match the other colors I'd chosen, I accidently covered my cups in a thick coating of Mystery #2 -- the ceramic equivalent of a Jersey Turnpike. I have no idea how these pots will turn out, but we'll all see shortly! Here's the bisque-ware:

And, for your viewing pleasure, Bugsy, the long haired daschund. He's kiiiiind of a jerk (in that he barks at me like I'm a burglar, and won't even come near me if I've got bacon to feed him) but he's very very cute. Bugsy, take a bow: 

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