Friday, July 16, 2010

We've Got a BIG ONE!!!!

Next up: Boise Twilight.

Buckle up!

Here's a good summery, recklessly pilfered from my friend Ryan Parnes' Facebook status:

Boise Twilight on Sat. the 17th. Its true bike racing: 120 crazed racers ripping around the fastest course in America and 20,000 booze-drenched, crazy fans spurred into frenzy by the smell of blood, the rush of air and the flash of sparks in the night. Downtown will become a riotous street party and the promise of glory and cold, hard cash will turn mild-mannered bike dorks into fire-eyed savages. Don't miss it.

After that, the mighty mighty Cascade Cycling Classic.

Buckle up even more!

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