Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Little Housekeeping

Blog-off Update:

This just in: contrary to earlier reports that the members of TheMonstro had all suffered either massive computer problems or bodily injuries that prevented typing, there appear to be at least two TheMonstro bloggers (or monstronauts as they prefer to be called) capable of posting updates. "They're definitely still alive," Sam Johnson, senior blog rivarly corespondent said Thursday, "I just don't think they know they've been challenged to a blog-off." The initial challenge to a blog-off was issued well over one week ago, and the lack of activity over at TheMonstro would suggest that none of those guys read this blog. "There is a small chance that TheMonstro's bloggers simply don't care about being made total fools of on the internet, or even being called things like namby-panby, 'fraidy-cat, weaklings. I never thought this could happen, mostly due to the intensely competitive instincts usually found in [monstronaut] Aaron Mandel. I knew him in college, and he was a total savage, but I guess he turned into a big sissy," Johnson said.

The Quest for the Tights That Were Never There:

For those of you following my attempt to procure a tasty pair of thermal bibtights for a tasty price, it appears I was chasing a mirage. (the online retailer offering the deal) finally received my check, but had long since sold out of the ones I wanted. I told them to shred the check. The cycling gods did not want me to have bibtights this winter. I have learned not to piss off the gods. The tights I have are just fine, the six year-old bright blue ones with the hole in the crotch. They've got another season in them no problem!

Ari is Still in India:

For those of you who know my friend Ari Phillips, you most likely already check his travel blog on a regular basis. For those who don't, but are interested in reading some quick-witted musings by a young American artist/music aficionado I'd recommend paying this blog a visit. Ari works for a small time publishing company as a designer. How he got hooked up with this job is anyone's guess, but he gets to see the country, and make enough money to buy fish and lime juice along the way. Enjoy.


LAV said...

um, can we maybe play another game of scrabble instead of chess?

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